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Slamdek A to Z
book and CD set available
from K Composite

The complete story of Slamdek's records and projects are detailed in Slamdek A to Z, a 220-page chronological book. The book was written by label founder Scott Ritcher and includes contributions from 30 other writers.

All forty-five of Slamdek's releases are discussed in a narrative form, with track listings, band rosters, anecdotes, excerpts from liner notes, recording dates, and each band's history as it pertained to the label.

The book includes over 250 photographs and illustrations, and comes with a 21-song compact disc that serves as a sampling of the label's output. A majority of the disc's tracks are unavailble elsewhere.


"Slamdek A to Z is a fan's encyclopedia and a trainspotter's wet dream.
- Alternative Press

"The label was integral in documenting one of the most creative times in Louisville music history. Slamdek A to Z is both the ultimate extension of the Slamdek philosophy and its crowning moment."
- Louisville Courier-Journal

"The history of this label is an interesting read. You will dig this book."
- Punk Planet

"I'm completely overwhelmed by the detail of it all. If you want to see how a punk scene formed, live, and [was] passed on, this is a great documentary of such. From punk rock field hockey teams to riots, you'll read about it all."
- Change Zine

"Christmas Morning"
video from 1992

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Sunspring (1991)

Spot Reunion Show
Nov. 16, 1991

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Spot (1987)


< Protest march in Washington DC against the war in Iraq.

In the foreground are Joe Mudd (Crawdad) and Greta Ritcher (Sister Shannon), and in the background are J Robbins and Kim Coletta (both of Jawbox) and Sohrab Habibion (Edsel). Photo by Breck Pipes (Crawdad).

MARCH 1989

< Endpoint records their first album, If the Spirits Are Willing

Band members are pictured here at Juniper Hill Studios in Louisville with engineer Todd Smith during the sessions for their Slamdek debut.

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